Krullaards Perfect Reset | KPR


More that 8.000 successful treatments

Over 8000 patients have been treated and experienced an significant improvement of their health due to the KPR therapy. We register all the results of our therapies and multiple patients are continuously providing their feedback and testimonials for us to publish.


In the period from January up till April 2014, the results of 515 patients treated in 6 KPR clinics provided the following results:

1. KPR Barneveld 70 (69)*
2. KPR Zoetermeer 104 (103)*
3. KPR Haarlem 101 (101)*
4. KPR Wassenaar 112 (112)*
5. KPR Leiden 45 (44)*
6. KPR Leiderdorp 83 (83)*
Total: 515 (513)*

The number between the brackets ( ) represents the number of patients who had an aligned pelvis in relation to the spine after the KPR therapy.


These numbers show that the KPR therapy is very effective for most of the patients. 514 out of a total of 515 patients measured a misalignment of the pelvis in relation to the spine before the treatment.

One patient did have an aligned pelvis before the treatment and kept this after the treatment. A total of 414 patients measured an aligned pelvis after the treatment. Only one patient did show the same misalignment after the treatment. The results of the therapy are for most patients immediately noticeable after a treatment.

In most cases the original pain complaints disappeared quickly. The measurements from both before and after the treatments with the KPR plate show the additional positive effects on the functioning of various internal organs.