Krullaards Perfect Reset | KPR


After the observation that many complaints arise from a misalignment of the pelvis in relation to the spine, Rob Krullaards commenced his research. It took him more than 12 years to perfect and create this new therapy. The main focus of his research was to find the solution to an effective treatment to relieve people from their complaints. Together with specialists from the faculty Neuroscience at the Erasmus Medical Centre, he researched the cause, consequence and treatment of neck complaints.

Quick and comfortable treatment

Part of the KPR therapy is the use of an innovative and comfortable device called the Krullaards Perfect Reset Plate. The KPR Therapy using this equipment results in more then 90% of the treated patients an alignment of the pelvis and a normalization of the position of the spine. After a series of measurements and analysis by the therapist the treatment on the KPR Plate is conducted and this results in an immediate alignment of the pelvis and a normalization of the spine. (90% succes ratio) Possible fractured or compressed nerves can be released and most often the original pain complaints disappear quickly.

Convincing results

Patients are convinced of the quick and effective functioning of the device/therapy. The pain most often immediately disappears. In most cases the therapy also results in other measurable positive effects such as blood pressure normalization, reduced bathroom visit at night and improved reflexes in both the arms and legs. These additional positive effects can be explained by the restored functioning of the nerve system. Decompression of the nerves causes a restoration of the autonomous reflex bow, which then can result in improved signals to the various internal organs and resulting in the subsequent improved functioning of the respective internal organs.