Krullaards Perfect Reset | KPR

The Therapy

To determine if the KPR therapy is suitable in respect of your specific complaints, it is possible to take an intake appointment at the KPR location of your choice. In this way the physiotherapist can examine if the treatment can be of benefit and effective for you. You can contact the KPR location of your choice to inquire about this consultation.


Before the KPR plate treatment the physiotherapist conducts several medical measurements in order to determine there is indeed a misalignment of the pelvis. During each appointment ,these measurements are repeated to determine the current condition of the body and to keep track of the results.

Long lasting results

The treatment with the KPR Plate results in a normalization of the pelvis in relation to the spine. To maintain long lasting results on average a total of 3 treatments are required in addition to the KPR insoles (trainers) that need to be worn daily inside your shoes.