Krullaards Perfect Reset | KPR


Over 8.000 patients have been successfully treated with the KPR Therapy. Their pelvis is aligned and they are pain free. More and more physiotherapists are convinced of the effectiveness of the therapy and offer the KPR treatment as an additional method in their practices. Already 17 locations in The Netherlands offer the therapy.

There are specific complaints in which the KPR therapy can only alleviate the pain complaints. It can be necessary to take additional physiotherapy such as exercises to strengthen muscles, and receive specific training instructions to improve posture, etc. A cure for specific disorders is not possible. Examples hereof are:

  • severe arteritis in the hip joints
  • severe arteritis in the knee joints, mainly between the upper en lower leg and the ankle joints
  • narrowing of the intervertebral discs
  • severe narrowing in the spinal cord