Krullaards Perfect Reset | KPR

The Therapy

Prior to the treatment the physiotherapist examines the position of the pelvis in relation to the spine. Also other measurements are taken such as, amongst others, the degree of your neck rotation and the functioning of your nerve reflexes in legs and arm. These values are to determine the current physical condition of the patient prior to the therapy and to demonstrate improvements after the therapy.

Comfortable, pain free and effective

After these measurements the therapist will ask you to take of your shoes and to place your feet on the Krullaards Perfect Reset Plate. When you stand on the plate you will be exposed to several stimuli such as sound, light and pressure that causes your body to relax. This process (the actual Body Reset), only takes up about 6 minutes. It is comfortably, pain free, but most of all, effective. After this treatment of the plate your pelvis is aligned and a normalized position of the spine is created (90% success ratio). A relief of the pain is noticeable most often instantly after the treatment; sometimes the pain is completely gone.

Instant results

After the treatment these measurements are repeated to demonstrate the effects and progress of the therapy. You will also be given time to relax with a heating cushion which is placed in the neck or the back. In some cases the KPR therapy entails additional physiotherapy. The therapist can also provide instructions in respect of improvement in posture and/ or diminishing pain. However, in most cases the 3 KPR treatments are sufficient.

Durable treatment

To enjoy long lasting results in respect of the normalization of the position of the pelvis in relation to the spine, on average a total of 3 KPR treatments are required. The first treatment takes up about one hour, followed by 2 treatments of approximately 30 minutes after a 2-3 weeks interval. At the end of the first treatment session you will receive the special KPR insole trainers. These insoles help to maintain the treatment results on a long-term basis.