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Are you suffering from pains and aches in your back, neck, or legs ?

Did you know that a misaligned pelvis is a common cause of Back and Neck aches and other ailments and that a realigned pelvis can relieve the cause of your pains and aches by uncompressing compromised nerves ?

Did you know that there is a treatment that can realign your pelvis in a simple and effective way that is simple, effective and pain free?

The Krullaards Pelvic Reset therapy developed in Europe is a simple and effective treatment that can realign your pelvis and help eliminate or reduce those pains and aches and even help with some other problems such as restless legs, headaches and bladder problems

Arrange an obligation consultation with our resident physiotherapist who will carry out an initial assessment of your condition and the suitability of the Krullaards Pelvic Realignment Therapy for you.

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Krullaards Pelvic Realignment

Do you feel obstructed by pain in your neck or back?

Let us examine if your pelvis is misaligned.

We align your pelvis in a comfortable manner and help you get rid of your complaints.


Due to heavy complaints I was unsure if I was able to compete in the World Cup in Sweden. During the first treatment I was immediately convinced. After completion of the therapy I was even able to deliver the power to win. - Marianne Vos



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